Welcome to the Special Olympics Advocacy Resource Program. The SOAR program is the product of a collaboration between Special Olympics leaders, members of the Special Olympics community and private corporations.

This new initiative seeks to provide Special Olympics athletes with increased access to legal representation, advocacy training, and life skills development, and to improve the positive impact of those services for Special Olympics athletes. We are delighted that you have come to connect to the SOAR program, and urge you to explore our website and get involved.

+ Filling the gap

Special Olympics athletes and their families face significant challenges that ordinary individuals may otherwise not face.

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Access to the appropriate services and a strong support system is crucial to an athlete's success in his/her day-to-day activities. Currently, however, many athletes lack the access that they need to these services and programs.

The SOAR program was developed to fill this gap, by assisting Special Olympics athletes with certain of the unique issues they confront in the course of their lives by offering support and increased access to legal services, advocacy training and life skills programs.

+ Connecting Communities

The SOAR program's principal aim is to connect interested Special Olympics athletes with existing service providers in his/her local community offering legal representation, advocacy training, and life skills development through a Champion.

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Champions serve as a single point of contact for athletes whenever a need arises, and as liaisons to service providers. By working with athletes to diagnose their needs and staying involved throughout the process, the SOAR program works to ensure that athletes have the full benefit of the assistance they seek and a personal relationship within the business community.